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Cutting / Extruding Rectangle on bottom of model

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Cutting / Extruding Rectangle on bottom of model

I have a 3d model of the grand canon I want to print but I want to in-set two 10mm x 80mm x 7mm rectangles in to the bottom of the print.   My plan is to then in  seperate print make a 4mm high rectangle with the date of my friends trip to the grand cannon.  It will then slide that in to the extruded rectangle.  

I tried to exclude the rectangle in fushion 360 but when I ran in to some problems and posted on the forums they recommended mesh mixer but I cant seem to figure it out how to do it in mesh mixer either.   <- the model

How might you do this in meshmixer?  I have been playing around for about an hour and cant seem to figure out what tool to use

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If I got you right you want two rectangular cavities at the bottom for an inlay?

One way is to get that via BooleanDifference.


First of all: Sides and bottom surfaces of the model own a pretty ugly tessellation. Hit W to see the wireframe. At the bottom there's a giant triangle while the rest is very dense. Two sides are very dense while the others are poor.


You should remesh these surfaces: Run EDIT/GenerateFaceGroups and pull the sliders to get the sides and the bottom a single face group each. Now in SELECT select the sides' and bottom's group double clicking them. Run Edit/Remesh in RelativeDensity mode and make sure that PreserveGroupBorders and SmoothGroupBoundaries are checked both.


After you did that append a plane object (>menu: File) and Align it to the ground . Using EDIT/Transform scale it to 10x80. Select all of this plane and run EDIT/Extrude upwards at an Offset of 7mm and Accept. Again run EDIT/Extrude at 7mm to extrude downwards. Using EDIT/Transform move it to one desired position. Hit D to drop a duplicate there and move it to the second position. Now Accept. Activate both cuboid shapes and Combine them to one.


Activate your source mesh as the first object and add the cuboids as the second object. Now run BooleanDifference.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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