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Creating a 5mm diameter / 1mm deep hole

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Creating a 5mm diameter / 1mm deep hole

Dear all

I finished my model inside Blender. I now want to use meshmixer to cut hole in the STL to position my magnets. The magnets are 5mm in diameter and 1mm deep. How do I make this type of hole in meshmixer? I know how to bool a hole, but I don't know how to have it the size/deep I need.


Any help?

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In Meshmixer you use other models to cut away at other models, called Booleans. This would be a boolean difference:

1) Create a cylinder at the dimensions you want for your hole.

2) Place the cylinder in the object using Transform

3) Click on your main model, then Shift+Click the cylinder

4) Boolean difference


If it goes red and fails, remesh or play around with the settings until it works.

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You can also use a MESHMIX  part dropping. This is a nice solution for parts follow the surface they are dropped onto:

  1. From MESHMIX/Primitives drag and drop the cylinder to empty space. This generates a new object and switches to Transform where you can set the dimensions of your hole. You want to set SizeX = 5mm, SizeY = 2mm (twice the depth) and SizeZ to 5mm.
  2. SelectAll of that object and run ConvertTo/ConvertToSolidPart. The scene changes to a bright background and in its MakeSolidPart dialog enable MaintainDimensions. Accept.
  3. Now this part is added to MESHMIX/MyParts. From there drag&drop it onto your surface. Set CompositionMode to BooleanSubtract and move it to where you want the hole
  4. Accepting this will automatically generate that hole.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you very much... But I didn't understand. I'm sorry.


Please see the images attached. I would like to make a 5mm 1mm deep hole on both cubes faces where my cylinder is. I can't understand how to do that. Once I have done I want to insert a magnet on both parts.




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Please note ** I'm able to do boolean and I know how to do boolean **.

What is not clear to me is how to position the cylinder to have two identical cut on both mesh. 

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