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Closing holes in curved surface

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Closing holes in curved surface

Hello Gentle People


I have a curved surface that has twisted faces in it (i have no control over the obtained stl).


I have tried remeshing and smooth boundary but the regular geometric shape was not obtained. Only other way it seems to be to delete the problem area and fill it with new faces and i need help in this matter. I need to close the hole so that it a perfect curved surface.


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You cannot 'repair' that, because what you are asking for is not a mesh repair, it remodeling a whole section.

So just remodel it from scratch in MM, this would take like 2 minutes to redo.

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Select two faces on the either sides-bridge then do analysis-inspector-repair. This closes the holes on the either side of the bridge. The resulting new surface should be close to required shape.

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There is no easy way to repair this in MM. I thought about fitting a primitive in there and then sucking the mesh to that Primitive, but fitting the primitive does not exactly fit.  Best to just remodel it.  The nice thing about this model is you have both your starting circler and end circle.  You can select one circle and face transform "t" it to create a new tube, then accept that operation....your circle will still be selected, and you can transform again, this time with an angle, then do again to create the third link.  This will not create a curve, but you can smooth that angle out later on globally using the Ctrl-A then smooth tool.


Or just use something like Fusion 360 and it can be done to perfect specifications and exported to an STL in probably under 1 minute 🙂


If you are not going for mathematical perfection, you can select a small area at the top of the open arch on one side, select another small area on the top of the arch on the other side, and use the Bridge command (Ctrl-B).  This will create an "almost" perfect arc, curved across the top.  You can then fill in the two remaining holes in the normal way and that will get you 95% of the way there. 

Nick Kloski
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