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closing a model

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closing a model

I have a model that when sculpted they did not close some of the areas so I want to drop a plane accross the model have it cut to the contour of the model and then join so when I export it it to obj if will now be closed thus filled in.  How would I do that?  here you can see the cross section about the point I want it filled.  It ther a way to cut the model, fill it in and then re-stick the two parts together?




Annotation 2019-12-31 131100.png


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It's hard to understand the elements of your model from that screenshot.

Seems there are several surfaces intersecting each other....


If there are exterior and interior shells combined to a single object AND these shells do NOT intersect each other at the cutting plane: EDIT/PlaneCut with default settings should add a filling planar surface joining the different shells.


If the shells do intersect each other you'll need to join intersecting surfaces to single surfaces using BooleanUnion or BooleanDifference before doing PlaneCut. So you'll need to run EDIT/SeparateShells to split the elements to separate objects first, activate an intersecting pair (hold down SHIFT to activate a second object) and weld them using BooleanUnion.

That done for all objects you should end up with a single object again. Cut it now using PlaneCut.


A manual approach to fill gaps (after a cut) between two shells is to build a bridge between the open boundaries of a pair of shells (via SELECT/Edit/Bridge). That way you get a single boundary from the formerly two boundaries. You can fill that open boundary using ANALYSIS/Inspector and clicking the blue marker sphere pointing to that boundary.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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