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choose how much you resize with transform

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choose how much you resize with transform


so almost all is in the title ^^


i select an stl and want to resize it by 103 %

i know the transform tool and i can do it with it but not precisly

i mean i select all and clic T, after go to the little square in the middle of the tools and resize but without know how much 🙂


ty in advance for the help 🙂

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Enter your scaling factor on the menu to the left. Check uniform if you want all the XYZ values to be scaled the same.


If you want it to be 103% bigger that would be the same as 2.03 (doubled with the extra 0.03).





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in reply to: hfcandrew

Note that there are two Transform tools:

- EDIT/Transform

- SELECT/Deform/Transform

Selection based Transform tool options do not provide these parameters

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb


ok i have not well explain my pb i think

i have this menu when i don't select any part of the shape but not at all this menu when i select some part ...


as you can see ^^


my goal is to reduce a lityle some part of a tooth's infrastructure

as you can see it 🙂


so how i do it ? by separate in two part and combine later ?

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You might try the snapping functionality on the face transform tool (click on the S in the widget to make it green=On. You can modify snapping increments using the Up/Down keys on your keyboard). But there's no chance to modify the widget's center as you can in EDIT/Transform using pivots.


If you really want to use EDIT/Transform you're on the right track if you separate the selection, use EDIT/Transform on the separated partial surface, combine the shells back to one and join the boundaries again.


Seems you want to create a small gap between tooth and the part it fits to. If so:

Isn't SELECT/Edit/Offset (Connected being on) a better way to get that region "smaller"?. This constructs a "parallel" surface.

Ohne Titel.png


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb


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for your first solution, it's not enought precise

if you look at my video and to explain it a little, this objet is an inlay-core

it's a structure who goes into the cavity of a tooth, to replace the missing part that the dentist have removed

i make this structure with a dental software (exocad) and i need a uniform deformation's tool to keep the exact shape but a little smaller


so i need acuracy in the scale option as you understand well ^^


i've tested the offset solution and it's great because it does not produce a gap in the final exported stl

it is however not a problem because the software which is used to CNC does not care but i prefer a "cleaner" solution



ty very much and also for hightlight me to the possibility of doing groups to select

it save me a looooooooooooooooot of time selecting mesh ^^


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You marked that as a solved.


I'm not working on dentist stuff but on  other geometry tasks which need to fit together.

Think you're on the wrong track.


Please consider the difference of scaled shapes and offset shape contours:

Imagine the shape of the letter C perfectly fitting to a C-shaped hole.

Case A: Scaling will make it smaller.

Case B : Offsetting its contours will  make it thinner.


In case of A: It will be to small to fit to the certain C shaped hole

In  case of B: It will still fit to the hole but will will have some gap to the C hole


Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb


in dentistry we let a "virtual cement gap" between each part we manufacture in order to simulate the real cement the dentist use to stick all the parts to the tooth

so i think separate in two and juste use rezise the part i needed to resize it's the best to simulate this cement gap

like that the scale is uniform if i have well understanded 😂


anyway I have to manufacture the parts to check if this solution is good


thanks for your time 🙂

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