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Can this be done?

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Can this be done?

Hello, I am a very basic user of fusion 360 and I nievely thought that if I put an appearance on a model made in fusion it would print what it looked like, I now find the part has to be changed in mesh mixer to make this work but I can’t get my head round it from the utube videos

Basically i want  to give a box a ‘skin’ like outside pattern that will print, ideally to match the existing moulding just so it is no longer flat 

is it possible to a) create a printable pattern on the outside faces only and b) can I use a photo to create the pattern

i got so far in meshmixer but it appeared to put the pattern created following utube  instructions on the inside of the box and I couldn’t find a way to select the outside without causing massive distortion to the box or the whole box disappeared apart from a couple of tiny pieces

can anyone point me in the right direction please

i have included a picture of the kind of finish I want if possible

many thanks RobD20CB5DA-B514-430A-85AF-4F5001671F00.jpeg

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Not quite, this is more like a Blender kind of thing:


Read this though if you want to try to make it work in MM:


MM has some slight abilities to do patterns and textured surfaces, but not applying a randomize a leather surface like that.


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Meshmixer's stamps can only affect one area at a time, and would not be the tool for this.  Best to create a displacement map using an image in Blender, and apply it that way.  This video shows exactly how to do that.  Note that this video is not for Blender 2.8, so the interface changed a bit, but the gist remains:

Nick Kloski
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thanks for that gents, i finally had time to play and managed to get a square with a pattern that is just test printing now , need to find out how to replace the square with my part lol

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