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Can't move mesh, LMB and moving mouse , mesh moves erratically

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Can't move mesh, LMB and moving mouse , mesh moves erratically

I"m having great difficult trying to post as the 'category' is all  messed up, what do I choose to be able to post here ??  It comes PRE filled in with netfabb, is that the right one,,it makes no sense at all..




Trying to post at MM forum, not knowing of the move as its been a while since I"ve needed assistance, it fwded me here, and the product/categolry has 'modeling' or anything else, as 'select a board' came prefilled out with " meshmixer forum "> whats up here ? ;))) , MM not working right as you can see,,whats causing it, how to fix ?



TY so much


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As there's a view cube you're on MM 3.4 or 3.5.


When your object vanishes also the view cube does. Seems the 3D viewer crashes. Maybe some graphics issue.

Did you update your graphics drivers?

Does that happen on 3.3 too?


Did you try to set MM to a different navigation mode (>Preferences ; Modifier keys for different modes see menu:Help/KeyboardShortcuts)

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Fusion mode is by far, for me anyway, the only way to go, far far  easier than MM mode, oddly ? ;0, ha


ONe odd thing,(?)  is if I press LMB on area NOT where my mesh is, then lMB works nicely and moves mesh in nice small increments, but if I use LMB direclty ON mesh, its more erratic,,but now that I  scaled mesh way back its 'better'.


Why is it if I scale mesh too large the movement is horribly erratic ?






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Using 3.5 now , btw.

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