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Can't change Pivot when doing Soft Transform

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Can't change Pivot when doing Soft Transform

How do you change the pivot point of the Soft Transform widget?


I'm want to rotate this goat's horns so they point a bit more sideways.  I selected the faces which should be affected, and initiated a Soft Transform on them.  But left-clicking the pivot point does not work the way it usually does.1.png

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Unfortunately selection based Transform and SoftTransform do not support Pivots.


The only way to get another widget's pivoting SELECT is to add some helper mesh temporarily.

You might combine a not connected sphere to the object. Besides the region to be transformed select this sphere too.

Now the widget will show up somewhere between the centres of both selected areas (if SharedFrame is set to true).


If you want to bend the horn via SoftTransform I would select the tip of the horn only (in SoftTransform the selected region will not be bended) and set the Falloff (region to be bended) so it covers the rest of the horn....

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thanks!  It took me a while to understand what you meant, but once I did it worked like a treat!


I guess Soft Transform doesn't support symmetry?  i.e. If I want to rotate the horns in opposite directions (both outwards or both inwards) I have to rotate just one and then split and mirror that half?  (Right now I'm doing that then converting it back into a solid body, and getting some seams I have to fix up down the middle although selecting Fixed fill on the slice seems to help)

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