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Boolean Difference, stuck on Level 1 - refining

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Boolean Difference, stuck on Level 1 - refining



I'm new to Meshmixer.


I have created 2 objects in Fusion360, that I would like to join together in Meshmixer with pins.


So in Meshmixer I imported my 2 Fusion360 .stl files and from the left menu I choose the pin and positioned it inside the object. Then I choose the object and with holding shift down, I choose the pin.

Now I can choose Boolean Difference, it begins and it's stuck on "level 1 : Refining"


I have a new pc since this weekend, that's alot more powerful, than my old one. And my old one never crashed when doing Boolean difference.


What can be done to remedy this problem ?


Can anyone help me with this ?


Thanks in advance.

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in reply to: ilja.coveliers

Are any of the boolean tools working?


How complex is the shape?


What is the triangle count?


Please attach your .mix (as a zip)

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Hi, it's a basic rectangle shape.


Where can I see the triangle count ?


I found out that when I go to the edit menu and choose "make solid", that after that it no longer crashes.


Is that normal ?


I even tried to do a boolean difference from 2 random items from the "meshmix" menu and even then it crashes.


Maybe there's a simple explaination as to why it's crashing.


I hope this can be fixed, cause otherwise I must always do the "make solid"


Thanks in advance.




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in reply to: ilja.coveliers

Triangle count is in the bottom right.


Often remeshing the object fixes boolean failures.


If you can't do a boolean on a default object, something is wrong, but sorry don't know why.

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Vertices : 1204

Triangles : 2404


I'll try "remeshing", maybe that's better than "make solid",

because the model isn't exactly the same after using that.


Thanks for the help so far.

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