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Alternative to meshmixer?

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Alternative to meshmixer?



Im using meshmixer for more than 8 years now and of course I was very sad when its development stopped. 


I find the program still usable and I use it daily in my job as a orthopaedic technician. 

Having the ability to quickly manipulate meshes is the main advantage imho and I havent found any alternative that comes close. 


So my question to you all:

Have you found any other program that has a similar feature set like meshmixer but is less buggy?


I have of course googled "alternative to meshmixer" but the closest software I found there is meshlab, but I find it to be to passive and it has too little mesh manipulation tools.

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in reply to: Sungod3000

It all depends what you are doing, and what tools in MM you use.

I'm in orthopaedics too (Bracing, orthotics, AFOs). I use Meshmixer for 100% of my design workflow. I'm in the exact same dilemma as you.

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in reply to: Sungod3000

Meshmixer has some great features that work well with imported STL files. That makes it a difficult program to replace. Fusion 360 has "new" mesh features that take some work to understand but much of what can be done in Meshmixer can be accomplished in Fusion 360. It has a bit of a learning curve and also it can be a challenge to get the hobbyist (free) version installed.

I thought I had found a great replacement with Metasequoia 3D but it doesn't handle well the imported STL files. It's great for native creation, not so good for STL.


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in reply to: Sungod3000

Yes i had hoped that the mesh workspace in fusion could take over some of the function, but so far I havent managed to get even basic workflows translated to fusion. simple thing like taking a facegroup and translation only the facegroup and not the other parts of the model isnt possible as far as Ifigured that out. 

Feels to me that the meshworkspace is a simpler version of meshlab.

Seems like like orthopedics is a more specialised field than I thought. I wonder though which other sectors have use for editing meshes? It must be something between zbrushing warhammer 40k figurines and desingning CAD models.

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in reply to: Sungod3000

@alexander.osterKLN9H How are things looking regarding getting MM tools into F360?

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Ever since AUTODESK announced their intention to let MM support lapse I have been trying to find any alternative. Fusion 360 just does not do it. The closest thing is SelfCAD but it also cannot replace MM.


My area of application for MM is dentistry and I teach Digital Dentistry/Orthodontics. Meshmixer tool set are very appropriate for manipulation of anatomical structures which have no inherent "mechanical symmetry". For some reason MM is the only software that I have tested that has the function that MM's designer called "SEPARATE SHELLS". Without any preprocessing MM recognizes the segments of my segmented dental models. The segments are the SHELLS. As far as I can make out that function alone makes MM unique. 


Please AUTODESK if we get you enough paying users will you continue to support it. We do not need anymore features, except for bugs fixes and installation support ... and perhaps for the Mac user a IOS version ;).

Give us a number to work with, a realistic one since the medical/dental fraternity is not that large and let us rally some users 



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in reply to: Sungod3000

Uma solução alternativa, porém a proposta do software é outra, seria o Blender 3d.

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in reply to: Sungod3000

I teach some workshops on creating 3D models in GIS and photogrammetry at a University. I have folks use Meshmixer in my workshops. I keep looking, but haven't found anything that has the same low learning curve and quality of tools. There needs to be something between TinkerCad and Fusion360. Blender's learning curve is outrageous as well. Meshlab does some things, but it doesn't have a complete suite of editing tools. I think there is still a real market for Meshmixer and Autodesk would do well to meet it.

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in reply to: michaelho888

I second this.  I will GLADLY pay for continued MM use and support.  As an orthodontist I haven't found anything as robust and complete.  Please AUTODESK!  Please let us pay for this sofware.

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