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alter head of a model but keep the original size

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alter head of a model but keep the original size

I have made a 3d scan from a dinosaur model. The body and the size are good. But i want to alter the head. Only the head needs to be smaller, the nose bigger and the eyes lower......The size of the model has to remain the same size.

I hope someone can help me, i am a newbie

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SELECT/Deform/SoftTransform should do the job:


1. Go to SELECT and select the region to grow/shrink by painting the region orange using the selection brush or a lasso selection.

2. Run Deform/SoftTransform on that selection: The selected region will grow more or less. This growing adds a transition region (modified to non modified) to the selection. You can adjust the default transition width using the Falloff slider in the tool's options.

3. Now use the manipulation widget to move (drag the arrows), to rotate (drag the arcs) or to scale the source selection while the falloff region builds a transition. Drag a colored square to scale along a single axis. Dragging the white cube in the widget's center will scale proportionally.


If there are two selection islands (e.g. you selected both eyes for you want to modify them in the same way) make sure to set the Falloff to a value where the expanded selections do not overlap. If the SharedFrame is enabled the tool treats the islands from a common center (e.g. scaling/rotation will happen from the center between both selections) while SharedFrame being disabled treats the different regions from individual centers and the modification happens on each region individually (although there's only one widget). Note: there's no consistent symmetry functionality in this tool. Moving or rotating often needs to do select a single island and run SoftTransform on each (eye) separately.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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u very much!!!

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sorry, forgot an important word. Thank you very much!!

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