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Align To Stroke - Surface Brush

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Align To Stroke - Surface Brush

I'm just curious, what does the "AlignToStroke" Parameter do under the surface brush properties? I can't find information on it anywhere in the documentation. 



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Doing a brush stroke with a Surface brush applies several "drop downs" to the mesh. Each drop down uses a Stencil mask, the set FallOff shape and the set Color.


By default Stencil is set to an overall white mask. Totally white means that it doesn't mask off anything within the brush radius.


Falloff, which is a radial filter of action, is set to "BumpW" profile which gives a smooth transition but crops the squared shaped Stencil to a circle. Using the "Constant" profile instead applies the stencil pattern totally as a square.


Color by default is set to white. For your mesh is considered to be white if you didn't applied some other color before this setting will show no change of the color.


Spacing sets the distance between the drop downs in percentage of the brush's size (more or less). 


So to see the action of AlignedToStroke you should set the Falloff to Constant, set some Color and set Spacing to 100.

Note: High set Spacing will need some length of the stroke at the stroke's start to do the first drop down.


Now load an image file as a Stencil which shows some direction. Hit the Plus in Stencils to add it. Something like this:


With AlignToStroke enabled the direction of the arrow will follow the direction of the stroke. So if you do a stroke from right to left the arrows will point to the left and if the stroke is a curve it will point from the last drop to the next.

With AlignedToStroke disabled the arrows will always use the native direction of the stencil image. So the arrow will always point to the right without a rotation.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Thanks for this! helps a bunch

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