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After Combining 2 Objects and export to STL the targetfile still has 2 objects

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After Combining 2 Objects and export to STL the targetfile still has 2 objects

Hello to all,

i have 2 separated scans of a foot. ( upper part and bottom part)


In meshmixer i was importing both, and 'assembled' them to the hole foot, combine them and then exporting as stl.


In my STL viewer it seems to be  one singe object.

But when i import the file into my Shoe last fitting software (Lutracad) it imports only the upper part.


I was attaching the .mix file and the .stl file.

I hope somebody can help me to solve the riddle.


Thank you so much 🙂


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in reply to: skergeth

Maybe your problem is the result of all those flipped normals at the bottom part.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Also if you go Edit>Separate Shells you still have 3 shells.


fyi the combine function does not stitch meshes together into one manifold shell, its just makes them appear listed as one Object in the MM object browser and also allows you to export it from MM as one file:




Lutracad requires 1 shell.


Helps to not have to use a mesh model created by a cheap structure scanner too. Also, speaking as a fellow orthopaedic clinician, I think you are going about this process wrong.

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in reply to: hfcandrew

Hello Andrew,

this is not the way i normaly do it.


Normaly it take a cast.

But in this scecial case the patient is a young girl with ICP, high spasm and authism.

I tried to take a cast several times but the child always gets panic.


So i tried to take a few scans of the feet and my idea was to 'put it together' in meshmixer.

I know the object would be low quality.

But when i am able to import it in the shoelast software of lutracad i can edit it to create a aceptable result.


Is there any way to make a solit single object in meshmixer ?

I see there are some boolean functions.

Maybe it would work with that ?


Best regards


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in reply to: skergeth

Two ways to join:


EDIT/MakeSolid on combined surfaces: This generates a new mesh based on a 3D grid. Its CellSizes define the accuracy of the result.


BooleanUnion on two active objects: This keeps the surfaces and weld them where they do intersect each other.


For both options: You need to fix the flipped regions on the bottom part.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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in reply to: MagWeb

Thank you for helping !

I could fix the Problem.


Best regards



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