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Adding Labels to 3D Models using Meshmixer

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Adding Labels to 3D Models using Meshmixer

Hi, I wanted to know how to add labels to a 3d model. I would like to etch a label into the model rather than have it protuding from the model. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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It's really a good idea.

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Unfortunately there's no text to mesh tool in MM.


Three options:

- There are MESHMIX letter parts in MESHMIX/Letters. You would need to drag the needed letters one by one to the desired location on your object. The letter parts shipping with MM are positive so if you want to engraved text you need to construct such parts by your own. You need to SELECT such a constructed (or imported) letter and ConvertTo/ConvertToOpenPart (> Helpdesk ). Before you create such own parts try the default Letters to see if this way works for you.

- If some handwriting text is allowed you can give the target region a high mesh density (e.g. using SCULPT and its  Refine brush or SELECT/Edit/Remesh) and write your text as a selection in SELECT. (Optional: Smooth the selection boundary via Modify/SmoothBoundary.) Run Edit/Extrude on this selection with a negative offset value in Direction set at Normal.

- You could also create watertight text objects in some third party app and import resulting .OBJs to MM appending these text meshes to the scene. After aligning these to the desired location (via EDIT/Transform or Align) you could use BooleanDifference (in case you want an engraved text):

Make the either object the active one first and activate the intersecting text as a second active object (press SHIFT while clicking it in the scene). Now run BooleanDifference.

Gunter Weber
Triangle Artisan

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Thank you all for the replies. I found a way to add labels to scans using 123Design.

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