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Renderlayers disappearing 1/3 times when opening specfic scenes

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Renderlayers disappearing 1/3 times when opening specfic scenes


I have quite an annoying issue with renderlayers disappearing this is a fairly big scene with about 70 renderlayers and quite a few visibility and matte visibility overrides (we use redshift so this is redshifts visibility and matte overrides), but not that many overrides within each renderlayer. However in the hypershade I can see that the renderlayers are there, they just haven't been caught up by the rendersetup window. So when I have tried to render any of these unstabile scenes in our renderfarm, it sometimes renders completely fine and other times renders a masterlayer randomly, sometimes after having almost fully rendered without issues and other times more frequent.


Any suggestions? Or tips for how to stabilize it or to prevent stuff like this from happening?


Oh btw I am using Maya 2018.6

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Btw I have had to go assign specific geometry parts to some of the visibility/ matte nodes which might be part of the problem. So does anyone know a bit more about how the renderlayers work and how to avoid them breaking or falling out of the rendersetup?

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