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Maya/Arnold 2020: Colorvariations applied to a set of instances created by MASH

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Maya/Arnold 2020: Colorvariations applied to a set of instances created by MASH

Hello there,


so I've been trying around with the "distribution" of objects related to any kind of groundplane or just a mesh in general. I tried around with nParticles as well as MASH and found most luck in the latter.


However, my question revolves around color variations applied to object instances created, in this case with MASH. After some digging around I've found an rather easy way to accomplish it, yet it's not completely what I was looking for. The base idea is: an aiColorJitter put into ur shader of choice, which can either use just a basecolor or even some kind of texturemap for its variation where u can apply a certain degree of randomness. Which is a nodesetup sort of like this:


Nodesetup w/ aiColorJitterNodesetup w/ aiColorJitter









And albeit not very pretty, just for functionalities sake:












As on may see: here and there is a small variation of hue applied to the instances. What I would like to do now would basically be the following: Tell the aiColorJitter where to put its variations. Wishful thinking even would go that far and say: Use some kind of noisemap to do that job for you.


Now certainly there's always multiple roads toward Rome, so I'm thankful for any kind of other approach to maybe achieve this kind of thing. And one more thing: UE4 uses something like a "Absolute World Position" to determine the position of the instances created within the world at current time and apply a map on that? For something visual and a nodesetup heres a link: 


Said nodesetup can be found in an image if you scroll down a bit.


Thanks in advance for any replies ๐Ÿ™‚


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This topic can be closed, I did a bit of digging around and found a solution. For people interested: Just try around a bit with MASH-ID-node and put multiple "baseobjects" into ur MASH-instancer. MASH-ID-node also takes a "strength" map for controlled distribution, insanely useful :).

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Hi Anton, I'm glad you found a solution, you can close this post by clicking the Accept Solution.

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