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How to blur darker pixels in a texture in Hypershade? (gradient blur) (arnold)

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How to blur darker pixels in a texture in Hypershade? (gradient blur) (arnold)

I am creating a caustic texture (file sequence) which is masked by a smooth noise animation.


I want to apply a blur value to the caustic texture areas which are darker, in a gradient way.


I thought it was just a matter of connecting the noise texture to the Filter, Filter Offset, or Pre-Filter Radius of the caustic texture (a "file" node), but no.

Maybe creating some complicated expression to input on some arnold attribute? 


How to output this effect? 

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Sorry, there is no blur node available in Maya, so you can't do this.


Please add comments and vote here:

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Thanks for the reply. Maya is older than my nephews and blur is a so common thing I can't even believe we are in 2019.


What about studing and building from scratch a shader using the GLSL shader? Any chance it could work with Arnold?
why one can't plug a bitmap to a pre-filter radius attr and just things would work?? I wonder...

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No, no and no, this is not supported by Arnold.

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Ok, so it is a pretty limited renderer in terms of customization.

Any possibility to retrieve UV coords from a bitmap using arnold?

Using maya software it looks like possible to create a simple pseudo shader like this:

$u = place2dTexture1.uCoord - .5;
$v = place2dTexture1.vCoord - .5;
$uv = <<$u,$v, 0>>;
$d = mag($uv);
$r = 0.3;
$c = smoothstep($r, $r+.02, $d);
$col =<<$c, $c, $c>>;
blinn1.colorR = $col.x;
blinn1.colorG = $col.y;
blinn1.colorB = $col.z;


Is it possible to get somehow uv coords using arnold?

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