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Batch render stop working as usually after setting up Motionvecto AOV.

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Batch render stop working as usually after setting up Motionvecto AOV.


Hello!  I'm working on a scene that will be rendered with Arnold Renderer from a tracked camera, and one of the AOVs I need is Motionvector.


Until this moment, I had all my AOVS (but motionvector) set up and Batch render was working as expected. However, after I set up my motionvector AOV as it is described in SolidAngle website ( ), Batch render stopped working.



According with SolidAngle tutorial to set motionvector AOV up, it is necessary to activate some checkbox to make it work:


1. Include our motionvector AOV, set filter to closest. 

2. Render Settings > Arnold renderer > Motion blur > "Enable" checkbox activated, and "Position: Center on frame".

3. Change in Camera Attributes > Shutter start and shutter end  to 0,5. 

4. In Render Settings > "Diagnostic" Tab > Check "Ignore motion blur" 



After some researchs,I found out that if i do until Step 2, and launch BatchRender, it starts to render, but later get cancelled by itself (it says "Rendering completed" but it is not).


And when I reach Step 4 (to check "Ignore motion blur" box in "Diagnostic" tab in Render Settings), and launch Batch render,  it starts to render, but it gets instantly "Completed" (not finished). 


Specifically, in script editor I get this messages: 


// Result: Rendering with Arnold Renderer... //
// Result: Rendering Completed. See mayaRenderLog.txt for information. // 


Does anybody have any tip or idea about how to solve this problem?


Thank you!


PD: I thought about doing it with "Render Sequence", but it's seems to fill my PC virtual memory and get crashed after a short time. 

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What version of MtoA do you have installed?


Can you reproduce the render and send an Arnold log? I'd be happy to take a look at that for you and further diagnose.




Faline Custodio Da Silva

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Finally it was a matter of RAM and Virtual Memory. Any change that increased a little bit render calcules was making it crash. 



Thank you for your attention!



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Hi @Anonymous . We are having the same exact problem! Can you please explain what you did to fix it?

Thank you very much!
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Hi there!

Yes. In our case, we had lot of geometry, materials with displacement and stuff that was overloading our disk and virtual memory.

So the only solution we found was was breaking the whole scene in several smaller ones, in order to reduce the total amount of info that the cpu had to manage at once.

Hope it helps! Good luck!
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Thanks for the response!

We actually solved it differently. We just unchecked 'Ignore Motionblur'
and instead changed the settings on the camera shutter to be 0.5 for both
start and end.

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