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Unable to use Mel scripts in Maya 2023

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Unable to use Mel scripts in Maya 2023

Hey folks,

I just got Maya 2023 and I'm trying to get my scripts setup. I've used these scripts for years and have never encountered this issue. For some reason, whenever I open any Mel script in the script editor, it shows up looking like windings. Obviously it wont run either. Does anyone know what's causing this to happen? I've attached a picture which gives a glimpse of what happens when I open a Mel script. It happens with all of my scripts too, not just one.


Also, I'm just an animator, not a programmer so please phrase answers in baby mode, rofl. Thank you!

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If you open the .mel file in a text editor like notepad or word what do you see?

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Hey Jmreinhart,

Thanks for getting back to me! I forgot to post that I got it working. When I tried to open the mel file in a text document, I got an error. So I downloaded the script again and it worked. I guess the original one had gotten corrupted somehow.

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