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Maya 2022- pymel - how to import ?

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Maya 2022- pymel - how to import ?



All I get is >> `# Error: ModuleNotFoundError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2022\Python37\lib\site-packages\shiboken2\files.dir\shibokensupport\ line 142: No module named 'pymel'` 


How do we import the thing to maya?


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in reply to: Bob.Bon2000

PyMEL is an optional item when you install Maya 2022, you could run the installer again and tick the PyMEL box to install it.

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in reply to: Bob.Bon2000

lets check if its really installed:

navigate to maya installation folder find folder bin select it and while holding down shift press rmb  to open modified context menu from there find and click "open in powerShell".

then just type mayapy and press [TAB] (it will expand like .\mayapy.exe) then continue typing " -m pip list":




PS <installed_path>Maya2022\bin> .\mayapy.exe -m pip list



and press enter

if you will get something like this




future 0.18.2
pip 20.2.2
PySide2 5.15.2
setuptools 41.2.0
shiboken2 5.15.2
shiboken2-generator 5.15.2



*(there is no pymel)

then you need to install it this way:




.\mayapy.exe -m pip install pymel



after installation is complete you can check it again:


you should get something similar:


future 0.18.2
pip 21.2.2
pymel 1.2.0
PySide2 5.15.2
setuptools 41.2.0
shiboken2 5.15.2
shiboken2-generator 5.15.2


pymel is now installed!

you're ready to go! no need to modify PATH environment variable



if you receive message that new version of pip installer is available and if you wish to upgrade it use this cmd:



.\mayapy.exe -m pip install --upgrade pip




pip install its just convenient way to get python packages as easy as snap of the fingers :tanos_envy:

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in reply to: batarg

Thanks man, it worked!

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Thank you for this !! ... Why the hell does Maya 2024 does not install pymel by default ?! 

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Thank you wery much!!! It works!!)

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