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Maya 2018 Qt Tooling / 4k support

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Maya 2018 Qt Tooling / 4k support



Recently one of the studios in our business started upgrading all their workstations to have 4k monitors.
Shortly after this users in that studio started reporting issues with some our Python/PySide tools no longer drawing correctly. I've recently started investigating this behavior after getting a monitor to test with.


  • Windows 10
  • 3 monitors ( laptop + standard 1080p monitor + one 4k monitor ( Dell p2715Q )
  • Integrated graphics ( Precision 5510 )
  • Maya version : 2018sp2

Observations: Default settings:

  • By default Maya takes the "system PPI" setting - not the per monitor PPI setting.
  • By default Maya seems to Ignore the Windows re-scaling options ( eg default 200% scale on 4k monitor )
    ( This is respected in all the other desktop apps I'm using )
  • When dragging Maya between monitors - no re-scaling occurs  and the interface is too small to be useful when on the 4k monitor

Observations: Changing Maya Settings "Use Custom Scaling":

  • Maya Base interface renders mostly correctly ( on the 4k screen )
  • Main window title bar is very small
  • Dialogs launched by Maya ( load / import ) have distorted/inconsistent scales
  • PyQt Tools attached to the Maya interface *do not* inherit the Custom scaling on any elements that use "min/maxSize" or "fixedSize", equally sizes defined in code are treated literally
  • Dragging Maya from the 4k screen to any other monitor leaves the application over-scaled.

Observations: Changing Environment/Configuration Settings:

  • By default Maya has the following QApplication settings to FALSE:
    • AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps
    • AA_Use96Dpi
    • AA_EnableHighDpiScaling
    • AA_DisableHighDpiScaling

      Changing these settings has no effect ( assumedly because they need to be set prior to the )
  • By setting the system environment variable "QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR" to "1" and Maya preferences setting "Do Not Scale" I could get the same behavior when moving Maya between monitors as I expect / have observed with other software .... however the Maya interface had numerous graphical glitches.
    ( see attached file "maya_glitched_autoscale.png" )

Expected Behavior/Resolution:
( Disclaimer: Personal opinion from here on out.... )

Maya should:

  • "Natively" support High DPI displays as they do for OSX
  • Calculate/rescale PPI per monitor, not by system
  • Respect system display settings re-scaling options
  • Set high dpi settings at the QApplication level ( this was the resolution for our propritety in house software when we faced the same issue )


  • Apply "custom scale"s to widgets defined with min/max/fixed size values (+ layout spacing settings etc )

Possible Workarounds for Tooldevs/TA's:
As i can't seem to solve this issue at the application level, it seems the best workaround is to review your Qt designer files ( or direct coding ) and remove any fixed values, changing them for layout spacing or dynamic size policies.
This has been the only approach that has provided good results when used on systems with/without 4k monitors attached.


If required i can create some small code samples to illustrate the issues we're facing. / I will en-devour to keep this post updated with information as i find it / as people comment on the topic.

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Bit of a follow up to this one.


Another (easier) partial workaround is to make sure windows users have at least "1703 Creators update" 

As that adds more compatibility options.


Right click on app.exe / short cut > compatibility tab > Change High DPI Settings > Override Drop down > Enable system DPI support

Example here from Nuke. 

There are still visual issues in Maya but not as severe as before ( mainly related to drop menus / dialogs ) 

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