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Vert snapping bug crashes Maya every time

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Vert snapping bug crashes Maya every time

Could anybody try to replicate the issue:


- create a primitive cube

- create an instance of it

- move any face of the 2d cube out of it's original position

- try to "V" snap any vert of the second cube to any vert of the original cube


Maya crashes every time for me (latest update MacOS 2024.2)

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Does it also crash with clean prefs?

I had this issue in the past. But tried now and i doesnt crash anymore.

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I've tried to make a clean install of Maya, yet it didn't help, the issue persists. Maybe I could try to erase every file that could give any possible prefs to the app 😑

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in reply to: corecellx

Take a look at the Reset all preferences instructions here:

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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in reply to: brentmc

Did a reset for all preferences, including getting rid of the files in the /user/.../Maya folder. Still did not fix the issue 

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in reply to: corecellx

Very frustrating bug and still no solution on how to resolve it 😑


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