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Maya Catmull Clark vs 3DsMax TurboSmooth Modifier

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Maya Catmull Clark vs 3DsMax TurboSmooth Modifier

Hello everyone , 

I'm using Maya nearly 2 years and i'm creating game assets. For 2 months i'm trying to improve my hard surface modelling skills. Also i'm following Arrimus 3D on youtube. I learn too much from he especially about hard surface modelling.

I have a quick question. I want to use double smooth method in Maya (for creating highpoly mesh from base mesh). I tried Maya Catmull-Clark subdivison type but it gives me bad results. (I just check "preserve hard edges" when do this.) It adds edges correct places (avarage faces) yes , but it holds them flat and break my edge flow / curves. In that case when i add open subdivisions my mesh turns terrible. (broken reflections , hold some edges as hard). Finally i found a solution for it but it steals my time. 

I export my model from Maya and import it in 3DsMax , set Smoothing Groups then add TurboSmooth modifier and import back it to Maya , add details and supported edges , finally add opensubdiv for more polygon.

Is there any knowledge or solution for this issue ? I think i'm not alone. I like Maya and i got so used to it. I don't want to leave Maya.

Here's a example. You can see Maya added edges middle of faces but they all flat. However 3DsMax add optimal edges and they didn't break my flow.

I will very grateful if anyone can help me.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards

Base meshBase meshMaya Catmull-Clark (flat edges selected)Maya Catmull-Clark (flat edges selected)Maya Smoothing SettingsMaya Smoothing Settings3DsMax TurboSmooth (with clean flow)3DsMax TurboSmooth (with clean flow)

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Catmull-Clark , isn't it only effects when you render? I May be misunderstanding you. Did you try Mesh Smooth? and increase the number of iteration?

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in reply to: mihirsbcc

You can try insert edge loop tool to add manually?

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in reply to: mihirsbcc

No i don't use Maya for renders. There are 2 different method of subdivisions. Open subdivision and Maya catmull-clark. When i use "preserve hard edges" option on smoothing setting it should hold my edges but should not turns flat my curves on mesh. However in 3DsMax when i use "Smoothing Groups" option in turbosmooth tab , it gives me perfect mesh and doesn't make my flows flat. It breaks my high level subdivision

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I can add edge loops manually for sure but for hard surface models , especially vehicles this is bad way to create. It may cause distortions on mesh

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