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How To Add Vertices to a Flat Surface Created through Boolean Difference?

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How To Add Vertices to a Flat Surface Created through Boolean Difference?

Hi Autodesk Community,


I am still having issues with one particular model I am creating. I am so close to finished, I just need to Boolean Union the eyes and mouth to the face. The problem that I am running into is that the face of the geometry was created by using another object to cut the surface flat. Now the resulting face has no vertices or edges running along it so when i go to boolean union it makes up for the missing verts by taking them from the edges. I just want to add grid like lines to this surface, I really need help and I can't seem to find the solution anywhere. Thanks in advanced for any ideas!


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You can add verts by using Multicut tool, or you can select an Edge and go to edit mesh and choose add division, if verts are not connected to eah other feel free to connect them by using Multicut or by Selecting Verts you wanna connect and SHIFT + RMB and choose Connect Components from pop-up menu.



Lymond Ngaiza

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Hi Mujuningaiza,


Thank you so much for all of your previous help, I really appreciate the advice. It has definitely helped the issue a bit but I am still running into problems. I have attached 2 images, please let me know if you need the actual .mb scene or .obj of the melon. The image with 3 watermelons shows my attempt at using the multicut tool to create a grid. It did make the booleans smoother and close to the vertices, but unfortunately picture #2 shows there is now faceting the face. How can I fix this so the face is flat again except where the eyes,mouth,and seeds are? For reference (in pic 1) I would Ideally like the center watermelon to look like the melon on the right without it doing the thing that the left melon is doing after a boolean. I'm so lost, anything you might be able to think of would be very much appreciated!



Thanks as always!


Kind Regards,


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