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hotbox spacebar and face/vertex moving issue

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hotbox spacebar and face/vertex moving issue



So I'm trying to learn Maya 2018 and have recently installed it on my macOS Sierra.


My problem is that while holding down spacebar I do not get the hotbox options, If is hold down spacebar and right click i get only 2 option : Complete tool and Select All


Also another problem I'm facing is, once I add in a geometry to my work space and select a face or vertex and try to move it the whole geometry  moves in the direction and after a point start getting distorted.


I deleted and reinstalled maya 3 times but that did not help.  

Please help, trying to follow basic tutorials on modelling on youtube but haven't been able to move past the 1 steps.       

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I do not know if this is it, but try editing the hotkey editor, maybe it is wrong. Here is a video I found about it.

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tried it, don't work.
most painful part in not being able to move the vertex's or faces without moving and distorting the whole mesh Smiley Sad 

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I am pretty new at this, but I know what it is like to have something happen and not figure it out. Is it possible you have soft select on or that the keep faces together is unchecked? 


The reason I ask is that of a guy this:


Soft selection is fairly simple to activate by mistake since the shortcut used is " b " right next to the spacebar, 


You can also try resetting your tools and then if that doesn't work, preferences. 

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in reply to: Anonymous

 @Anonymous !!!! 

IT'S WORKING NOW!!! finally after weeks of frustration !!!

thank you too much 🙂 !!

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 Good stuff, I am so glad we figured it out. I started on Cin 4D, but I really like Maya, how since it is such an extensive software, there are so many settings, and it is very easy to off put one. 


I use this a lot, and search keywords.


I am so stoked this was fixed for you. Sweet. 

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