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Can NOT boolean union two separate opbjects in Maya

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Can NOT boolean union two separate opbjects in Maya

I just need to Boolean these two objects together, but whenever I do, the front panel of the rectangle disappears or one/both of the objects disappears. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have attached the working .mb file to this post.


Thanks in advanced!






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As usual, I"m not expert here and hopefully someone more experienced will come along, however my experience with Booleans is that they don't typically work on heavily complex geometry.  Good for simple/basic geometry, not so good when you have A LOT of variations in shape, faces, edges, etc..  Likewise, it's also been my experience that the more you use Booleans...the better the chance they won't work (rather STOP working). gets to a point where things just "go away".  When I mentioned this to my college professor a few years back, his advice was to Google the term "why booleans suck", LOL!!!

If you're trying to do "union", my advice might be to trying using "Combine" far as I know at least, there's no fix for that boolean thing...'tis simply the nature of the beast.

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Thank you so much for the advice, I really appreciate you reaching out. If I were to use combine instead of a boolean union would that also create a watertight object that I can 3D print?

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I have no experience with physical 3D printing, so I really don't know either way, but if the 2 Maya parts are touching when they're combined, I suspect it's possible, but the extra geo may also give you problems (I'm not sure how the printer would react to having geometry "inside" the object, which happens with a combine).


Hopefully someone with more experience will come along there, but for that specific purpose, somehow I suspect you may need to rebuild the part as a single piece of geometry for that....but that's just a guess.

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If I were to use combine instead of a boolean union would that also create a watertight object that I can 3D print?

no if you combine you´ll don´t get a watertight mesh. if it´s still printable you´ll have to ask the company or who ever is doing the print. i think there are printers and/or printing softwares out there which are able to "see" only the outside faces. all prints i have done so far required a watertight mesh with no interior geometry. so if you want to be safe get rid of them.


to the problem with your mesh: it seems like you created pretty much everything by booleans. this is ok for the beginning but i think it could have been cleaner and to a certain degree easier to just model it. in case of your mesh that means that the borders where the different boolean operators met became a mess and it created a lot of "zero geometry area faces" and "zero length edges".to display it use "mesh > cleanup" with operation set to select the geometry and everything unchecked except "edges with zero length" and "faces with zero...". with your mesh it was already enough to select all vertices "edit mesh > merge" with a low tolerance. then boolean should work as expected.



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I noticed if I goto the Boolean function then choose NORMALS down in the little box that pops up near my model (as opposed to the default which is EDGE) the Union function worked properly (I was slicing through a top layer of a roof).  Though the previous person's comments about the more complex it is the less it works is correct as when I tried to do it on the roof with 3 layers of roofing material it didn't work, but you might try that next time.  (I'm using version 2022)

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