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Maya Modeling

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Afro hair modeling?

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02-23-2012 06:48 AM
I am in the process of modeling a new character and have to ask this question. What is the best way to create an Afro. Right now, I am thinking about just modeling the base shape of how everything will look, and then applying Maya fur to the necessary faces. I also wanted to note that this will be an animated character as well.

I have attached an image of the style haircut I am going for and thanks for any advice/help.
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Re: Afro hair modeling?

02-24-2012 01:52 PM in reply to: l1tay2
i'd kinda think it would depend on what its for, and even experience.
Game, bg character or low res anim, modelling and texture maps would work fine, perhaps do some tests.
try pressing 'b'...
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Re: Afro hair modeling?

01-22-2016 09:03 AM in reply to: l1tay2

I Think with Zbrush it will the best way to do this kind of haircut. me too i want to do the same thing for my character if I find a good tutorial I'll sent you :)

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