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Merge Maya and Mudbox...

Merge Maya and Mudbox...

Or improve the sculpting tools inside Maya. It would be amazing to be able to sculpt without the need of using Zbrush anymore.


This has been requested for years already. If Blender can do it let’s have it in Maya too. Autodesk is being so stubborn with what they promised: their self appointed mission was to merge the best of other software packages into Maya. Remember Softimage XSI? Where is all the good stuff (an there is still plenty) from Softimage after all those years Autodesk stopped developing it? Either make the individual software packages competitive again or at least bring them together in one package so people are not required to constantly switch between different packages and user experiences for trivial things like mid level sculpting workflows in 2023. I’m not even going to mention the stuff Autodesk showcased and then never delivered on….


Yes, also since Maxon decided to discontinue Zbrush's lifetime licenses, many of the users are not going to renew. So it would seem like a good move, but it's just our opinion as users. Maybe from a monetary point of view, it's not in Autodesk's interest to do something like that. I don't know, but for us users it would be wonderful, also considering that Mudbox hasn't been updated for years...


feel like there no developer left for maya, each update there only minor updates here and there. I would vote for this but i am 100% sure they won't bring. they should at list continue to update mud box as it is a fantastic tool or just give it for free, asking subscription and not developing is pretty much a scam, as whole point of subscription was about continues updates. 


I remember an update from a few years ago where they introduced the "sculpting" feature as one of the main updates. It's just that their "sculpting" is not sculpting at all compared to Blender (let alone Zbrush).


That's quite a large order and would take multiple years to implement, basically reproducing a software that exists. They did this with Motion Builder and it took several years, and it was quite useless at the start. Now Maya surpassed MB imo so it is possible if the need is high. 
The brushes from Maya are literal ports from Mudbox as far as i can remember. If you would like to request something i would request using baby steps. Mudbox and Zbrush or Mari are highly specialized softwares that deal well with dense mesh data. Maya is a general software with so much legacy, departments and functionalities that they first need to tackle those bottlenecks and then build upon that. Also I think they are too busy pushing Realtime, Bifrost and USD atm as they want to close the gap with Houdini and UE i recon. 

@Epicurian6 Their 'port' of Softimage is Bifrost, that said i'm not saying it is the same.


I would rather Mudbox just get some love, even as a separate app.  As it is, I sculpt in Blender and then bring it to Maya. 

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