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AppImage, Flatpak or Snap for Linux

AppImage, Flatpak or Snap for Linux

It would be great if Autodesk could provide us with an AppImage, Flatpak or Snap package as those bundle all the dependencies within and are developed specifically to make it easier to distribute and support software across the wide variety of Linux Distros.


I know that out of all Linux distros officially only RHEL and CentOS are supported. However while they may be popular in VFX industry and studios these distros are not very popular among general public and desktop users. Other distributions like Debian based Ubuntu, Mint, PopOS and similar or Manjaro and Fedora dominate and push Linux Desktop.


Currently it is possible to install Maya on, say, Ubuntu, but it requires a lengthy script that will fix dependencies errors as well as some other things like environment variables. This script needs to be updated for each version of Maya and each version of host OS which makes it a tedious process. And of course it's not supported by Autodesk.


A lot of users, myself included, would love to switch their workstations to Linux for it's performance and stability or other reasons, but can't currently do this because a lot of the professional software in this area is either not accessible on Linux or is hard to install and maintain. 


Simplifying Maya installation and supporting wider variety of Linux Distros would be a huge step in this direction. Linux is now gaining a lot in popularity and made huge leaps in Desktop area in the past years already making it a viable platform for a lot of desktop users and professionals.

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I was just looking for exactly this. Had a nightmare even getting it working normally when on supported distributions.


Licensing is also silly not letting a monthly subscription user from using Linux as their default platform. I have to alternate between my MacBook pro and my linux workstation but would prefer to use the linux workstation as its got much beefier components.

We paid for a license why not let a user use linux if they want to, it seems dumb requiring a network license as well to run linux.

I work for a game studio in SF.



Since CentOS 8 was killed off last year (it no longer receives updates) and CentOS 7 only receives maintenance updates now, and only for a couple more years, Autodesk will soon need to decide: will they only support Red Hat Enterprise Linux, will they return to supporting Ubuntu LTS again, or will they expand support to everyone else using Flatpak or AppImage? I would say either of the second two options would certainly be preferable, instead of having all CentOS users to switch to a paid operating system and for everyone else to just self-support.


sudo dnf install mesa-libGLw

sudo dnf install mesa-libGLU

sudo dnf install libXp

sudo dnf install libXmu

sudo dnf install libXt

sudo dnf install libXi

sudo dnf install libXext

sudo dnf install libX11

sudo dnf install libXinerama

sudo dnf install libXau

sudo dnf install libxcb

sudo dnf install libXScrnSaver

sudo dnf install gamin

sudo dnf install audiofile

sudo dnf install audiofile-devel

sudo dnf install e2fsprogs-libs

sudo dnf install libxkbcommon-x11

sudo dnf install xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi

sudo dnf install xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-75dpi

sudo dnf install liberation-mono-fonts

sudo dnf install liberation-fonts-common

sudo dnf install liberation-sans-fonts

sudo dnf install liberation-serif-fonts

sudo dnf install ncurses-compat-libs

sudo dnf install compat-openssl10

sudo dnf install libpng15

sudo dnf install libnsl

sudo dnf install nss

sudo dnf install glibc

sudo dnf install zlib

sudo dnf install libSM

sudo dnf install libICE


These dependencies are a nightmare to install even on rhel. I have successfully installed it on fedora, Ubuntu, rhel 8, and centos stream 9.


A flatpak option would be amazing! Installing Maya successfully on linux literally gives me a migraine every time haha



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