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XGen - Struggling with Modifiers

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XGen - Struggling with Modifiers



I'm not sure if this is the best place for XGen topics. I'm surprised it doesn't have its own sub-forum. I'm trying to follow a course on making game-ready hair for characters. The videos are sped up sadly, due to how long the process is, but by stopping and starting them, I've tried applying the same modifiers and values, but I'm constantly struggling to get similar results. Are the results you get from modifiers a bit too random...? I keep experimenting with some expressions under the Coil, Noise, and Clump modifiers using 'rand' and 'stray', but I'm just spending hours going back and forth, trying to get the kind of results I want. I can even struggle just trying to get specific areas to clump. I'm not really able to set up a mask - for some reason it won't let me when I try using the brush - not to mention my scene is set up like this, rather than using a single plane.



I believe the video series goes over the process of setting up some splines and then converting those into Guides. I have about 12 hair clumps to work through. I've been at it for weeks, on and off, due to university work, but also because of how long it's taking me to get the results I'm happy with. I could be just being a perfectionist as usual, but the whole process just seems tedious with the constant struggling and back and forth. Is this normal with this kind of thing? Or am I just overthinking things? Thanks.

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First your groom mesh does need more geo. It does get subdivided internaly by xGen.

Second it needs good uvs. 


Your scene needs to be in real world scale for hair. I would use 5cm patches.

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I had already subdivided it, but I've given it another. I've also sorted out the UVs as well. 🙂 I'll play around with them some more and see if there's any improvement.


As to the scale, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Particularly with the 5cm patches.

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