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(Xgen Interactive) How to avoid/delete hairs that fly out of the grooming ?

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(Xgen Interactive) How to avoid/delete hairs that fly out of the grooming ?

How can I avoid/delete hairs that fly out of the grooming ? I've used clump modifier with the curl etc..maya_2019-04-05_22-13-29.png

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in reply to: _shin64

Wow, those are quite some flyaways! Usually, a fly away is a hair that didn't get 'claimed' buy a guide, and then gets really messed up by the clump/noise/curl because it gets close enough to the guide to sort of effect it. Pain in the butt hairs. 


How I troubleshoot this is turn off everything but your guide layer, and see if you can identify your wild ones. (the select hair brush is good for this, select them while they are wild, and then turn stuff off, they should stay highlighted.) Generally, adding a guide near where your wild ones come out will 'catch' them, and if you add it with interpolate from current description turned ON, it will groom that new guide to be close to the previous ones.


If that doesn't work, well, you can always select and hide individual hairs, though I've had some issues with that myself.

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Yeah, I tracked down these wild flyaways and I realized that they were from my clump modifier in wich I wrote an expression in the "curl" line, I also have region maps in the "guide"...

Even if I added another guide near the flyaways it didn't catch them all so I went into the description and took my freeze brush to freeze the wild ones to simply highlight them in blue then I reversed it and took my density brush to simply erased them one by one.
It's too bad that we can't just delete hairs like those just by clicking on them, I had to reach the very root of the hair to erase it. I could have freeze everyone else and flood the scalp with a density brush set to "Set : 0." but this brush works on all hair whether its freeze or not..                          

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in reply to: _shin64

You CAN use the select brush, and hide particular hairs, but I haven't had good luck with them staying hidden in the render.

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