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Xgen interactive grooming convert guide to spline and opposite

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Xgen interactive grooming convert guide to spline and opposite

Hi I'm trying to get my process back with Xgen interactive grooming and so far I'm a bit stunned by the problems i find.

1: I never succeed to convert splines/curves to guides. The button is quite explicit and the way seem simple but nothing appear and there is no differences.

2: When I create my guides from the modifiers I don't have a way to convert them to curves like with regular xgen tool. (For simulation, curl, braiding etc).


Do someone have an idea why the first problem occurs ? And the second one any possibilities ?


Otherwise take care people.

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Hi @Anonymous,


I would suggest you to look at the following link:

1. Convert splines/curves to guides.
In the Guide modifier's Attribute Editor, you will find 3 buttons:

Create, Use Selected Curve as Guide and Make Guides Dynamic.

If you have curves, selected them and click on "Use Selected Curve as Guide" button and your curves will be converted to guides.

Note that you can also do this process manually using the Curves to Spline Modifier!


2: Convert guides to curves. (For simulation, curl, braiding etc).
To convert guides to curves, there's 2 possibilities that I can think of.
You can simply export them to Alembic and load them back
for simulation, in the guide modifier attribute editor, you can use the Makes Guides Dynamic tool.

I hope it helps!




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