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XGen Interactive Groom - guides and clumps

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XGen Interactive Groom - guides and clumps



Is there a way to create clumps using guide curves?

This would allow us to manually place guides and/or clump which would ease the process of matching references.


It would provide better deformation results when sculpting the guides and when applying animation or simulation to guide curves.


Generate guide curves using clump positions would be nice as well!



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Hi @renaud.bousquet and welcome to the community!


Unfortunately using guides as clumps is not available yet in 2018.



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Hi Sean,


Thanks for the prompt reply!


Is it possible to know if this is currently being worked on or if it's part of the XGen roadmap?

I wish we could get this in 2018.3!!!


Best regards,


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Hi @renaud.bousquet


At this time I can't disclose what is coming in future updates of Maya but when I get the ok to do so I'll be sure to let you know!

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I 've been using x gen interactive grooming for a while there is an option in old x- gen to use splines point on surface to set is as guid densiti map. I couldn't find it in newer modul. But I managed to plug in the generetated groom as splines guides. Also for clumps I use multiple grooming guides with masked out area and multiple splines sorunging the area to form it into clump. I find it better then redion as I can blend it between object. Is there a way to recive the info about the point of the curve to plug it in as clump point?

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No available in Maya 2020 yet xD.

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yeah, it's super irritating 😞

this feature has been asked for 3 years now, and no response from the development team.

nice job, autodesk

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I came across this trick to get around that:


I've tried and it works only if you generate the guides directly from Interactive Groom which is great if that is your workflow. But if your guides are converted from curves (Conversion from Core XGen to Interactive Groom workflow) , then unfortunately it won't work. 




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yes, I saw this too

unfortunately, but yes, it works only along the guides created within IGS and even with it some bugs appear.

for instance, the newly created guides will shift and distort already existing ones

there is a sort of solution to this (turn off the interpolation on the base node in igs) but this works with 70% of success in earlier versions of maya, in maya 2020 - it doesn't

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It's 2021

Autodesk .. any update?

This feature is useful and has been requested for years. Give us a sign. Or if you don't  plan to ever implement it at least let us know.

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in reply to: giandosopaolo

I'd bet xgen is dead and they won't touch it until bifrost gets brush tools.


I happened across this old thread exporting some data to UE. To get JesusFC input points method to work in 2023, the number of CV's on groom and inGuide need to match.

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