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XGen Import/Export collection not working?

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XGen Import/Export collection not working?

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to import a collection into my scene. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid but don't know what.

I have my geometry with a collection in SceneA, on my mesh. I click "export collection/description". It prompts me to choose a location. Maya saves a .xgen file.

I create a new scene, I import the same mesh as an alembic cache. It has animation. Frame 01 is neutral and has the exact same name and topology as the the mesh in SceneA, where I made the collection.

I select my new mesh.

I click Import Collection/Description in the xgen tab.

It asks me to choose which file it is. I search for the location where I exported my collection from sceneA. I select the .xgen file and click open.

I get a confirmation window saying something like " the file 'collection_test' already exists on the disk. Would you like to rename to 'collection_test1' or replace the original?". 


I cancel. Of course the file already exists on the disk, that's because I saved it, because I can't import something that doesn't exist.  Why is it asking to replace the original or rename? I read Autodesk's documentation on exporting/importing xgen and I can't find answers

It clearly says though, that if I rename or overwrite on import, I will lose all ptex links. That sounds disastrous.

Can anyone help?



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