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XGen - How to control alignment, create custom global variables, fix file not found errors...

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XGen - How to control alignment, create custom global variables, fix file not found errors...

Hi! I have a few questions about XGen when using archives. I'm trying to lay out some foliage instances (trees) for an outdoor environment, similar to this video.


Alignment to world space vector
I am noticing that the archives are aligned to the normals of the mesh and I would like them instead to align to a vector in world space. For example, I want my trees to point up along the Y-axis (with some amount of randomness plus or minus 10 degrees). How do I achieve this via an expression? I notice that I can control alignment using Tilt U and Tilt V, but I would like to have control over tilt / alignment in world space.




Creating custom global variables
I am noticing that the Width and Depth sliders control X and Z scaling on my archives. I would like to control both Width and Depth together using a single "slider" variable (ex. $myScale). However, when I create an expressions for each Width and Depth and use a custom variable, the variable seems to stay local to each attribute. How can I create my own global variable?




Archive PNG not found
Whenever I create XGen archives and use them in a description / collection in a scene, Maya seems to consistently give me an error saying that is missing a PNG file for the archive. This confuses me because I never created such a file myself and I never noticed this file existing as part of archive when I initially created it. How do I resolve this error?


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