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Xgen holes between hairs

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Xgen holes between hairs

Hi everyone,

my first post here. Happy to be part of the family


I started using Xgen and I'm experiencing a weird issue to which I can't find a solution.

I have an hole in the hairs that i created.(attached image) I know that there is an interpolation between the hair guides, so i placed another guide where there is the gap but it doesn't solved the issue. Furthermore i mirrored those guides and this happens only on one side, the other one it works good.

I don't know what may cause those holes, someone has a clue?



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For me this looks like the density map.

Are the uvs clean?

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Hi @Christoph_Schaedl i have painted the density map in zbrush, and i applied it to the model as color texture first, to use it as guide, and than i loaded it as a density map.

The UV's should be good. Are they not?

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The uvs are really small its possible that you need more resolution.


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