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Xgen hair/fur doesn't bend in the same direction

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Xgen hair/fur doesn't bend in the same direction


I'm about to make a carpet material for a car and I'm using Xgen in Maya 2020.4. (The geometry is retopologized from a horrible original CAD mesh) The problem I have is that when I bend the hairs they don't bend in the same direction. When I create a simple plane and have the exact same description on it, they all bend nicely in the same way. As you would expect. I'm thinking this most have something to do with the geometry being faulty in some way. Maybe the normals are weird in some way that I can't see. They look fine to me. Any ideas or tips would be enormously welcome!
I've attached 3 images. The problematic geometry is obviously on the left. 

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Is this mesh coming from zbrush? Could you upload the mesh. Id like to take a look. 

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Hello! Sorry for a very late reply. Yes this geometry is brought into Maya from Zbrush. The original geo was a horrible CAD converted monster 🙂 Please have a look if you want. It would be much appreciated! I've uploaded the maya scene.

Best regards,

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Hi! Have you had a chance to look at it yet?

Best regards,

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Yes thats the typical bend error some meshes have.

At Disney they had a special tool to fix that. But this is not included in the Autodesk version of xGen.


To fix that you could run a autoretopo in maya to create a new mesh.

Or use a guide based xGen description.



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In this thread there are some further details about this issue:

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