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Xgen Guides vs Hair cards?

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Xgen Guides vs Hair cards?

I originally wanted to use Xgen because I like the look of the hair created with it. I've been following tutorials but it is so annoying and buggy to work with. Especially for my character I'm working on which has long and somewhat curly hair. It's so time consuming and most of the time the guides don't work the way I want them to. I've had to start over several times already

Which brings me to my question. Is there a big difference in quality of the hair made with Xgen vs just using hair cards made with something like Fibershop?

Another reason I wanted to use Xgen was so I could export the hair as Alembic directly into Unreal where I'll be animating the character. I created the eyebrows and eyelashes in Xgen but have been having a lot of trouble creating a messy hairstyle with guides in Xgen which has me considering going back to hair cards


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