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Xgen guide color question

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Xgen guide color question

Hi, is there a way to set the guide color in Xgen Core to use the color preview of the Clump1 modifier? 

Working on a long hair style and it's difficult to fix intersections and it also hard to tell which guide controls which clump, i have maps for density, region but i think at the end will convert it to IGS to be able to manually sculpt individual hairs to fix intersections and add more details. Don't think there is a way in Xgen Core to rotate clumps around guides, some of the clumps have twisted and have very little volume. Is there a way to create clumps per guides for IGS, last time i used Xgen it wasn't possible, maybe the mysterious Input Points.Wip337.jpg

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in the Preview/Output tab:


put this into your Guide Color expression


$a = map('${DESC}/Clumping1/Maps/');


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