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XGen freezes at 100% when I click to preview

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XGen freezes at 100% when I click to preview

Hi all, I'm attaching two of the same scene - just different scales (the file .0001 is smaller). In trying to upload I've gotten a 'does not match its file extension' error from the forum so here is a Google drive folder:

I believe scale shouldn't be the driving issue here, as the CM of the head measure roughly the same as the 'Emily' demo head (I'm using the same eyes from that project (

I've set my project and I believe I've used good naming conventions. There isn't an XGen collection in the attached scenes but to replicate what I've done:


-I've simply set it up so that I can place guides on the beard plate. I've chosen placing and shaping guides as per most tutorials but no other deviation when setting the description and collection.

-Changed the width of the hair from .10 to .05 and added density numbers anywhere above 1 to 100. 

-Tried modifier CV count as 5 and 9.

As you can see in the attached screenshot, it gets hung on the preview 100% (it doesn't do any numbers 1-99, just straight to 100 and stops). I've tried setting Arnold as the renderer and turn rendering on. I'm at a loss as to why this is happening, as I haven't run into it with other projects. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Anybody? Kinda at a standstill on my project until I can get xgen working. Is it maybe something to do with primitive preview settings?  

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If you have the viewport AO turned on turn it off.

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thank you!


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