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Xgen failed me 3x in a row

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Xgen failed me 3x in a row

Im about to give up on maya completely due to this issue that i seem to run into often, but this project I've redone three times now and I've had it with these issues. I have tried deleting prefs, setting project, only working on one project, and every time the preview disappears eventually. I cannot get my eyelashes or hair back on the head. Eyelashes were done. I can revert to a save before I started the scalp but cannot get past this issue. If i cant solve this then Im moving to another program. i don't know what you need to help me troubleshoot this but I can upload the packaged file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know how anyone can successfully use this and it be practical.


Here is a dropbox link to archived file:


Again, I don't know where to start because it feels like the files just become corrupt once I start using Xgen. Thank you so much I will be checking for responses. My company is suffering on time due to this. 

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This program sucks almost as bad as customer service

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I started an entirely new project and this time the region maps don’t save. I’m done. 

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