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Xgen Export Patches for Batch Render Troubleshooting

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Xgen Export Patches for Batch Render Troubleshooting

Hey there, I wanted to see if anyone could offer some insight into some troubles I've been having with XGen in Maya 2019. I'm working on a film project and our workflow uses a referenced set, characters that have been exported as alembics then re-imported into a new scene, and an imported XGen collection for each character.


I'm also using my university's renderfarm, which requires hair to be exported as patches in order to render. My issues start when I export the batch render for the grooms; everything appears fine in the viewport but as soon as I submit the scene file, xgen file and exported alembic to the farm I get back a sequence where the hair adheres to the scalp 80% of the time but skips random frames.


The weirdest part is that the viewport shows the hair as being in place, but the arnold renderview will show the hair having moved away from the scalp. This is causing me to tear my OWN hair out. Any help would be appreciated!! Let me know if any further clarification is required. I've included a render of the issue and how it looks in the viewport.

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