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XGen export patch for rendering sub frames

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XGen export patch for rendering sub frames

Is there a way we can export XGen patch for rendering with sub frames? The option in the export window is very limited. 



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in reply to: yichiunchen

Hi @yichiunchen and welcome to the community!


You could try setting the "Render by frame" in Render Globals to some decimal less than 1.000. For example use 0.100. this will render once every 0.100 frames starting with the "start frame". The frames will not be numbered every 0.100 frames however. They will be the usual testFrame.001, testframe.002 etc.


I know this works for a normal render and I believe it should work with xgen as well!


Please let me know if this helps or if you need any more assistance!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi, thank you for your response. When we render sub frames, we'd export alembic sub frame cache first. If xgen export patch for render doesn't generate sub frame in its .abc file, the fur/hair would be offset from render geo, it would result in undesirable motion blur. My question is specific on how to export patch sub frame for render, to give us alembic files with sub frames, not how to render sub frames. If you can get us the answer would be great help.


Many thanks, 

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in reply to: yichiunchen

Hi @yichiunchen


Ah ok I see where I misunderstood.


I know you export for rendering fine however I'm not sure about the sub frames. I'm checking with some of our devs to see if this functionality is possible or not and I'll get back to you when I have an update!

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in reply to: sean.heasley



Is there an update for this? Our production is waiting for the solution. 



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hi did this get resolved?

im also looking to see if i can solve a simular issue. xgen fur creating bald patches when an animal shakes for example.




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