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Xgen error when making Density Mask: (Part of path doesn't exist)

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Xgen error when making Density Mask: (Part of path doesn't exist)

How can you fix the following error below?

// Error: XGen: Searched path includes:
G:/G/xgen/collections/Ujcollection/Hairdescription/paintmaps/UKmask/pSphere1.ptx (Part of path doesn't exist)
C:/Users/lizka/Documents/xgen/Hairdescription/paintmaps/UKmask/pSphere1.ptx (Part of path doesn't exist)


It all starts when I create a Density Mask for the hair, then I get an error saying I can't paint over the object, then I click Set Project again and save it in the same place as before. Then I click on Assign/Edit Textures in the 3D paint tool, don't change anything in the settings, and click Assign/Edit Textures, then everything starts working and I can draw. But when I've drawn something, saved the change, and clicked on check what's changed, this error appears. Also, S{DESC}/paintmaps/UKmask appears next to Mask.


I want to point out that I tried to change the File Path, but when you look for the mask, it turns out that it really doesn't exist.


Also, I didn't have this error before, and everything ended at Assign/Edit Textures, so now when I open old files, even there this error appears.


Also, for the sake of experimentation, I created a new project without even a single underscore in the name and the disk on which it is saved is written in English and without spaces, and it didn't work there either.


There were cases when I didn't have to do Set Project again and Assign/Edit Textures, but this error is there too.

Also, the following video did not help me 


I would be very grateful if you could help me. If you need, I can provide some clarifications.

Thank you

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