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XGen descriptions disappearing

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XGen descriptions disappearing


Twice now I've opened my file only to discover many of my descriptions are gone. I have set my project, and within my file directories, I have a whole bunch of saved descriptions. I have tried importing and exporting them, but there seems to be no file for xgen to "latch" onto and load.

If I try to import to the directory of my files (C:\Users\Guest Account\Desktop\WavyHair\xgen\collections\WavyHair) Xgen tells me that "the file doesn't exist". The default directory when importing is C:/Users/Guest Account/Documents/xgen/ - when I go to there, there is a single folder called "fxmodules" with all my saved modifiers.

It seems that the data of my hair strands are saved on the computer, but I cannot figure out how to get xgen to use the correct file types and recognize what I need it to know, if that makes any sense. I am very confused as to why descriptions A-G are still showing up in my file, but not the others. Specifically, everything past G has disappeared twice now. 

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Now all of my descriptions are gone, but my file still has A-G in the Outliner. There are no .xdsc files to be found in my project folder. I have exported descriptions, but it does not add this file type to my folders. 

I need to understand why this is happening, because throwing all of this work away will likely result in the same problem happening over and over again.

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There is a space in the folder name.    C:\Users\Guest Account\..

xGen is based on Linux it does not understand spaces in names.

Use underscore instead.    C:\Users\Guest_Account\..


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