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xGen - Deleted Material From Hypershade

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xGen - Deleted Material From Hypershade

I just started learning how to use xGen to create fur, so I applied xGen "Groom" type to an object, everything was fine so far.


Then I accidentally deleted the xGen material in the Hypershade and a default material was applied to my xGen fur automatically, and now for obvious reasons it doesn't show up while rendering using Mental Ray.


So what I did was create another object, apply xGen Groom to it so another xGen material was gonna appear in the Hypershade, it worked, I applied that new xGen material to my fur and it still doesn't render, any idea on how to fix?






I deleted the main xGen Material from the Hypershade and now my object's fur doesn't show up in the render, how do I fix this?

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How do I apply an xGen material to my xGen fur?
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Select your fur then in the hypershader right click on the material you want it to have and mouse over assign shader to selected.

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Would you keep helping me out?


I found the trouble, I made a new scene and applied xGen to a new object, compared it with my other object on a different scene, and found out I don't have "xgmr:geoshader" on the scene I have trouble on (picture below of the thing I don't have), to make sure that was the problem I deleted it and I couldn't render the new object's fur, so basically how do I get the "xgmr:geoshader" back into my main scene file?



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In case anyone had the same problem and need the "xgmr:geoshader" back you need to


- Open xGen editor

- Go to Preview / Output tab

- Search for "mental ray Settings" sub-tab

- Click on "Setup" button


That's it, it generates another geoshader

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