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Xgen Converting Primitives to Geometry

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Xgen Converting Primitives to Geometry

Hi all,

Got a question


I was using Xgen to create specific art (Cube art Xgen) then I tried to convert all the primitives into geometry through creating a separate MEL file.

The image you see is the render from the RAW Xgen primitives. (Just to get an idea of the geometry I am talking about)


The problem is that the MEL file is around 60MB. (I can't get it less as the poly count is above 1 million, maybe more)

It takes forever to open the MEL file because the scene consist of hundreds of thousands cubes, and each cube has separate instance and node. There's no other way to export them as one object directly from Xgen.

So I need some kind of solution involving scripting I guess.

Maybe writing a script inside the MEL file that would merge them all before opening. Or using a third part plugin that combines absolutely everything before in the script editor. (Sorry I am an artist don't really know coding)

I am just trying to create one piece of geometry from Xgen primitives.


I've got:
-64GB Ram
-Ryzen 8 core 2700X
So this shouldn't be the problem


Hopefully I will find someone who knows the stuff...

Any help is appreciated!




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in reply to: Anonymous

why do you need the geo?

just render the xgen instances.

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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

I've done that, here are some examples. 

I need geometry for Zbrush. I've got something in mind I want to try 



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