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xgen animated guides don't follow the cache in some frames

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xgen animated guides don't follow the cache in some frames

Hi! I've noticed that using a cache in the Guide Animation tab in xgen, in some frames the primitives are not following the curves fom the cache but are stuck to the previous frame, just the first CV is following the scalp mesh.

In this screenshot you can see in blue the cached guides and in yellow the primitives that should follow them. In the frame 62 the primitives are stuck in the same position than the frame 61, except for the first cv that is following the mesh, then in frame 63 they are back in the correct position.
I have 293 frames for this shot and this is happening several times. 
Anyone can help me with this? I've really tried everything.

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Isn't there anyone who has had the same problem? Or anyone who can suggest a solution? 

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in reply to: escofranc

Hi Francesco,

we have the same issue on Maya 2019.3 but only when we include the frame 0 in the xgen alembic patches export, if we make the export from frame number 1 it works fine.

Anyway in the 2020.3 release notes there is this one: "XGen hair rendering regression on certain frame changes MAYA-105545". It could be the root of this problem, let's try that Maya release to see if the issue it's really gone. 

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