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Working with JP FBX files on ENG ver. preventing objects getting renamed to FBXASC

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Working with JP FBX files on ENG ver. preventing objects getting renamed to FBXASC

When I was looking around I found a similar topic back then here but this was done in ‎05-08-2015

Is there anything Im missing to prevent this issue to happen?
Basically I import a JP Fbx file, then name of the meshes/blendshapes etc get renamed with FBXASC that would represent characters. We are almost in 2024 and I have dealt with this in Blender easily but I need maya to work in this one, maybe Im missing some kind of plugin I can purchase, or plugin manager check somewhere

Any ideas?

THANK YOU very much ❤️

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So I can make a closure to this topic since I know there is a big chance of not getting a response in the forum about it, I found my way around this situation to fulfill my work.


Short story:
I just did a quick 5 hs fast forward on Blender tutorials since Blender can deal with those files and solved my issue, file was read in 3 secs and Maya takes around 2/3 mins to open the file since it's re writing all the names of the Blendshapes.

Long Story:
Asked on the Maya Discord about this situation since I know on the forum it may be responded or not but I feel the discord is more approachable and my question will be actually seen.
When I asked about if there was something I should check on Plugin manager, or if there is something I can purchase made by someone or even mentioned the idea of keeping this names as they were people said it was madness and it's not possible.
Some characters cant be use like . < > so even if I use search and replace and I find out the renamed FBXASCxxxx to it's original, It cant be used same symbols. 

Of course the possible solution is to rename all to better naming but I cant do that without destroying all the Unity set up that is behind after replaced current FBX information, so I need to chose between solve it in a week or 5 hs.

Unity set up has been set in a wait it uses those names and configurations for triggering the information with those names on it and not only they change their name to FBXASC but also replaced names to PLANE1 for 6 blendshapes too, kinda crazy. Any ways, work around, decided to test by curiosity if same FBX would work on Blender and it did, kept the names, learned how to move, weight paint, add blendshapes and the file works perfect with the workflow.
SO if someone needs to deal with the same situation, that was my work around with this situation.

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