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Workflow advice for transferring xgen fur from "A pose" model to a posed model with UDIMs

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Workflow advice for transferring xgen fur from "A pose" model to a posed model with UDIMs

I have a mesh of a creature with UDIMs, one for the body on one tile and one for the head on another. I was planning to create an xgen description for each tile. First I would like to know if this is even possible, or would I need to split them into separate meshes? I have a posed version of the model with the same UV's and topology. I want to be able to transfer my xgen fur from the base mesh to the posed mesh. I just need renders of the posed mesh with fur and the fur needs to be adjustable in terms of the texture map. I need to provide different iterations where some of the fur has stripes and some of it has blood splattered. I wqas planning on doing all of this in the texture maps painted in substance and then plugged into maya's xgen to render out each iteration. But if xgen can't operate with UDIMs at all, what would be a good work around? I know that creating "scalps" is an option, but this is a nearly fully covered in fur character, not a human with hair. Should I then create an entire mesh underneath that is the "scalp" for the whole body? And how would I transfer this to the posed character mesh? Any advice on how I should handle this workflow most efficiently would be super appreciated! Thank you!


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